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How it Works

Below you'll find how our system works, and which integrations options will work best for your needs.

What we provide

CoinTent plugins for commercial 3rd party content management system

We currently have a plugin for Wordpress and are working on plugins for other services. Learn more!

Use CoinTent with your own in-house/custom content management system

Check out our API to create a custom integration. Our customizable frontend widget displays the purchase button and account status (logged in/out/balance etc.) and our API allows you to check and unlock content for users.

Your own CoinTent Publisher portal to manage your paid content

Your portal will provide you with valuation information such as how much money your site is making (how many sales your articles made), analytics data, and various configurations. Please see the Publisher portal section below for more.

How it works


It starts with our button. If the reader already has a CoinTent account and is already logged in then one click of the button buys the content. Otherwise, clicking the button allows the user to create and fund their account.

Checkout cointent.js for a custom install or WordPress to see how to set it up.

Buying the content is as simple as API call to our servers to purchase, with a valid user token. Our servers will return a response telling you whether the transaction was valid. If the user has purchased the content before you can also make an API call to check to see. If the user has access your servers can send the user to the full article.


If you enable the Subscriptions feature in your account and have created some subscription plans, your widgets will also have the Subscription Options button.

Similar to the micropayments Read button, this will open up a popup, but containing information about your subscription plans instead. Once your user chooses a plan to subscribe to and verify their credit card, their subscription will begin and they will instantly be granted access to your content.

For more information on subscriptions in general, see the subscriptions page.

Publisher portal

The Dashboard of your Publisher portal

You can configure many of your site's settings in the CoinTent Publisher portal. Below you can find instructions on editing a few common things.

Configuring prices for your articles

Once you put CoinTent on your page(s), you will begin seeing your pages/articles show up in your CoinTent Publisher account.

After you do that, you can log in to your CoinTent Publisher account page, and be able to edit their pricing.

Setting the default pricing for all of your articles

Setting the price for each individual article