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Frequently Asked Questions


Where does my money go?

CoinTent sends about 80% of the amount you pay to the sites you visit. We do this automatically based on the sites you spend the most time on along with the preferences you've set. CoinTent keeps 20% plus the payment processing fees. In other words, we help you pay for quality content through one monthly payment, and you receive an ad-free experience in exchange.

Why would I want to block ads?

There's a few reasons. First, ads are annoying! They slow down your browsing and take away from your ability to view articles, videos, and other content. Second, advertisements are generally loaded from third-party providers unknown to you. Such providers can jeopardize your privacy or security by installing other software on your computer. Lastly, websites that rely on advertisements must optimize for advertisers rather than focus on creating better content.

Why would I pay to block ads?

We hate ads for the reasons above, but we also understand that it takes time and money to create great content. Having access to quality articles, videos, posts, journalism and other ad-supported content on the web is extremely important to all of us. CoinTent pays these sites for their content while delivering an ad-free experience to readers. CoinTent enables readers to choose: either view the web for free while viewing ads (so content providers generate revenue through ads), or pay one subscription that works across the web with the bulk of the funds going to the content creators.

Where is that beautiful picture in the header from?

The photo on the header was taken by Erin Seale. Checkout her flickr to see more beautiful photos.

What if I have more questions?

We'd love to hear from you! Reach out to us at