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Monetization Solutions for Your Whole Audience

Recover money lost to ad blockers and drive subscriptions from your engaged fans

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Want to recover ad blocker revenue?

You're in good company.

CoinTent lets you get setup in minutes with detection of ad blockers, customizable prompts to drive recovery, and a full read-out on ad block and recovery analytics.

Example partner integrations
CoinTent is the only ad block detection and revenue recovery solution to support payment for ad-free access

Let users view ads or pay

Allow your visitors to choose to view ads or pay for ad-free access. We handle all the payment flows and unlocking access.

Works everywhere

Your viewers are using all kinds of devices. CoinTent makes sure your site works on all of them, anywhere, any time.

CoinTent paywall service is responsive on any web page and device
Easily install our ad block detection and recovery solution with a few lines of code

Easy to setup

Get setup in a matter of minutes with myriads of customization options to fit your web site perfectly, or build your own prompt completely while using our features with our API.

Drive more revenue

CoinTent helps you drive the most revenue possible for your site. View your data on our real-time analytics dashboard.

Our ad revenue recovery makes it easy for you to better monetize your content.